Local Motion ZA

We're Grateful for Your Interest in Staying With Us!

Your decision to book with Mazeppa Sunrise Beach Accommodation directly supports an incredible cause – Local Motion, a charity dedicated to empowering and uplifting youth.

Around the world, countless young individuals lack crucial support systems, resources, and opportunities, leaving them vulnerable to various challenges. Local Motion, initiated in our hometown of George and soon expanding to Mazeppa Bay, is our commitment to making a positive impact.

Through engaging after-school programs, we aim to create a nurturing environment for youth, fostering academic success, building relationships, and paving the way for future employment. Our vision extends beyond mere assistance; we strive to empower these young minds to become catalysts for change within their communities.

At our George location, we run diverse educational programs, offering skill development courses, aiding in job and university applications, providing extra classes in essential subjects, and exposing them to potential career paths. Additionally, we provide emergency assistance and organize enriching outdoor activities to encourage positive lifestyles and deter negative influences.

How You Can Contribute:

We firmly believe that transforming lives requires collective effort. Your support is invaluable in several ways:

Volunteering: Join us in our daily activities or offer professional expertise.
Essential Support: Help us provide urgent medical, dental, and legal assistance that many take for granted.
Financial Assistance: Your donations ensure safe transportation, meals, and activities for the youth.
Should you wish to witness our work firsthand or extend a helping hand, feel free to contact Sabrina Horn at info@localmotionza.org or 0832539744 to arrange a visit to our youth center.

Every contribution matters. Rest assured, as a registered Article 18 non-profit organization, every cent donated goes directly to Local Motion, and all donations are tax-deductible.

For donations:

Bank Name: Standard Bank
Branch: George
Branch Code: 051001
Account Holder: The Directors Local Motion ZA NPC
Account Number: 10 13 642 024 7
Account Type: CHEQUE
Swift Code: SBZAJJ
Join us in nurturing the potential of our youth and building a brighter future together.

Thank you for being a part of this transformative journey.

How can you help?

We cannot do this without your support!

  • There is always room for volunteers to assist with our daily activities, but also with the more professional assistance, things we have and take for granted. 
  • Like being able to go to a doctor and dentist.  We had children that were in dire need for a dentist, and the government clinics are unable to assist on short notice.
  • The same with all sorts of legal matters.
  • Going on our weekly activities, we need to safely transport the children and give them something to eat and drink.  Therefore, financial assistance is always needed.
  • Should you like to join us and want to come for a visit at our youth center, please contact me, Sabrina Horn (0832539744, info@localmotionza.org)
  • Donations are tax deductible as we are a registered Article 18 non-profit organization and our pledge to you is that 100% of your contributions go to Local Motion!

Herewith our bank details

Bank Name: Standard Bank
Branch: George
Brand Code: 051001
Account holder: The Directors Local Motion ZA NPC                    
Account number: 10 13 642 024 7
Account type: CHEQUE
Swift Code: SB ZA JJ