Activities & Attractions

Mazeppa Bay is famous for its exceptional fishing and swimming. Mazeppa Sunrise is just 20m from the sea and your first fishing spot


The Island at Mazeppa Bay is a large headland feature separated from the shore by a channel of shallow water. For many years, The Island has been famous for its catches of big game fish and sharks. The gully separating The Island from the mainland can also be fished for small pan fish. Garrick, kob and sharks can also be caught from the rocks at both ends of The Island.

However, angling at Mazeppa is not limited to The Island. There are several good spots along the shore, including Shark Point, Carlisle Gully and the Boiling Pot. Here, the water is deep and fishermen regularly catch game fish and sharks. You will need heavy tackle to fish these spots, and you are also encouraged to exercise caution while fishing at these particular areas as they can be quite dangerous to those who are not experienced with the conditions.


If you want to stroll along the aptly named One Mile Beach, or venture into the Manubi Forest. The Manubi Forest offers an interesting nature experience for all nature lovers. There are walking trails through the Manubi Forest with its distinctive Yellowwood and Sneezewood trees that dominate in the forest. Enjoy a day of exploring the indigenous forest and do a bit of birding.

The Forest is home to an abundance of bird and animal life and is a particular delight for bird and plant lovers alike.

Mazeppa Bay First Beach

The area is particularly famous for fishing. First Beach is lined with palm trees and has a 100 m suspension bridge which you can walk over to reach Mazeppa's renowned island. The island is perfect for deep sea fishing with stunning views of the coastline.

Mazeppa Bay Second Beach

Second Beach lies to the south of the lagoon and is within walking distance of First Beach. It is great for taking a long walk by yourself and collect an amazing variety of shells. There are also massive sand dunes to explore and stunning views of the coastline.

Mazeppa Bay has a registered boat launch off the beach, a 550-metre landing strip for light aircraft and a helipad.  Mazeppa is within 3 hours drive from East London airport.